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Genre: Action Adventure

Duration: 86 min

Production: 2010

Subtitles: English

Availability: Worldwide

Producer: Luke Graham 

Director: Matthew Chuang

Editor: Joe Capelo

Score: Inja Liljestrom

Cast: Nicky Wright, Renny Holder, Dave Purton, Zero Murray, Philip Holder

Sales Agent: IFM Film

Distributor: Osiris Entertainment

Official Selection:

DigiSPAA Film Competition

Dungog Film Festival

DICE Film Festival

"Braille is an impressive, entertaining production, and signals the arrival of a new and exciting filmmaker”, Latauro, AICN Downunder

“Aussie filmmakers prove their determination with a gritty action flick”, Filmink

Nick is a broken blind man who enlists the services of three young thieves to break into a prision, which holds a precious diamond and finish the job he started fifteen years ago. 

Upon returning back to Australia after the incident in Sierra Leone, Nick is arrested for diamond smuggling. Undiscovered by the authorities, the most precious diamond is hidden inside Nick. Once incarcerated, Nick hides the diamond in his prison cell. This is where he is blinded by the people he stole the diamond from.

15 years on he lives alone and forgotten. The day he realizes he has cancer is the day he faces the regret and remorse for his friend Michael. He decides to finish what he started, to get back the diamond he once hid in the prison cell.

Nick recruits three young thieves. Renny is the point man in charge of planning the heist. Zero is the grease man designated in getting everyone into the prison and Dave the precision sniper. As lone individuals, the character’s move without much direction. It is only when their paths cross by chance, do they define each other’s fate.

At it’s core, Braille embodies the themes of honour, loyalty and sacrifice.

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Braille by Scope Red
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