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Genre: Documentary Drama

Duration: 85 min

Production: 2024

Producer: Luke Graham, Jonathan Page

Executive Producer: Jonathan Shteinman

Director: Luke Graham  

Writer: Luke Graham

Sales Agent: Bonsai Films

Distributor AU: Pivot Pictures

Production Support:

Screen Queensland

Screen Australia

Capricorn Film Festival

Gladstone Regional Council

Flying Arts

The Solid State

Widely regarded one of the greatest Rugby League players ever, kiwi hard-man Mark Graham was feared off and on the field, though little knew the real man or the destruction behind his success. Sharko, portrays an intimate look at the life of a father, a son and the cost of greatness.

Sharko is a feature-length participatory documentary drama in the tradition of THE IMPOSTER (2012) and STORIES WE TELL (2013) about rugby league legend Mark Graham’s personal and professional life told through the skewed perspective of his filmmaker son, Luke Graham.

Deemed one of the most inspirational and feared footballers to grace the game, SHARKO is a universal story about a father, a son, generational patterns and family grief. It is also a very Australian story about how men were raised to be hyper-masculine, and the importance of sport, how it defines us as a nation. Sharko will show us how to overcome the past in an honest, humanising and touching portrait about New Zealand’s greatest Rugby League player... ever.

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