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Genre: Mockumentary

Duration: 16 min

Production: 2020

Subtitles: English

Availability: Film Festivals only

Producer: Luke Graham 

Director: Luke Graham 

Cinematographer: Peter Szilveszter

Sound Designer: Cassandra Paddick

Cast: Jack Henry, Linda Cairns, Amy Coomer, Nicola Harkin, Dominic Russell, Mark Alston, Philip Holder

Sales Agent: Bonsai Films

Official Selection:

Far South Film Festival 

Film 4 Fun Int Comedy Short Film Festival

The Martin Hanson Awards, Winner

Sanctuary International Film Festival

East Lansing Film Festival

Capricorn Film Festival 

Festival del cinema Cefalù

Link International Film Festival

Chasing Gold is a simulated factual documentary (mockumentary) fly on the wall look at a quirky regional Queensland town and its residents in the vein of Best in show, We can be heroes and The Office.

Up and coming workaholic, Olympic Committee officer Donna Burke is demoted after embarrassingly making world news at a press event and moved to the Australian Senior Olympic Committee.


Her new role is overseeing the regional qualifiers for the first unisex 100 metre National Seniors speed walking race where week in, week out she must venture to new towns around Australia finding its best senior athletes. This week it’s the Central Queensland town of Gladstone.


With Donna in toe to select one person for the national race, optimistic twenty-year-old Mayor Sandy Mathers sees this as a chance to put Gladstone on the map for something positive, though she going to have competition from fame hungry Fish & Chips owner, Don Lacey and devoted son David Flanders who have their own agendas.


As these three schemes away, local favourite Ron Pearlman and newly bereaved Betty Flanders compete for love and glory.

Chasing Gold Key Art Poster by Korvin Pride
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